Welcome Home’s Window Cleaning Solution Recipe

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Welcome Home is committed to using green cleaning products. We’ve found, at times, that the green cleaning products on the market just aren’t effective enough to meet our standards. Our great manager, Heather, found that although the commercial “blue window cleaners” work well, they didn’t fit our need for a green/environmentally friendly glass cleaner. We tried a number of environmentally friendly glass cleaning products and none seemed to work well, so Heather decided to see if she could make a good glass cleaner herself. The majority of recipes she found used vinegar, but found it didn’t work well enough on its own or simply diluted. After trying three or four different recipes, Heather up with an effective, earth-friendly formula that works for us! We make it in bulk but it’s a simple recipe to convert. Here’s the Welcome Home “official” environmentally friendly glass cleaner recipe:


1/4 C. White vinegar
1/4 C. Rubbing alcohol
2 C. water
a drop of ivory liquid soap