Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured and bonded?  Yes we are!  This means you aren’t liable for damage to your house that may result from our services.

Will employees or independent contractors clean my home?  We have an extensive training program that allows us to avoid contract labor.  Every employee is thoroughly trained as well as screened for any criminal history.  Our employees are covered by insurance, workers compensation and all applicable taxes.

Who will clean my home?  You will always have a trained cleaning professionals clean your house.  We also make an effort to send the same cleaner every time so you get to know your cleaner. On occasion, such as first time cleanings, more than one cleaner will clean your house.

What if I find a problem with the services?  Although we do not anticipate any problems with your cleaning, we are humans and goof once in a while.  If that happens, DO NOT WORRY!  Every cleaning has a 100% satisfaction guarantee so we will get you taken care of.  If you are not satisfied, let us know within 24 hours and a manager will return to your home and personally address the problem.  However, please remember that we do not guarantee cleanings where our supplies are not used.

How do I pay?  We accept all major credit cards and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express). For more information about payments visit our payment options page.

Do your workers accept tips?  Yes, tips are greatly appreciated, but never expected.  Our cleaners always do the best work possible regardless of tipping.

Is it okay to leave instructions on a note?  Of course!  Feedback is extremely helpful and we strive to maintain good communication.  There are also many areas on this website to leave comments.

Do I need to be present while you clean?  It depends.  The cleaning crew needs to be able to access your house.  You can be present and let them in or you can arrange for another way for them to get in.  If the cleaning crew arrives to your home  and we are not able to clean for any reason, you will be charged a $35 lock out/ turn away fee to pay for their gas, mileage, and time they took to get to your home.  However, we do not charge a rescheduling fee so please call us ahead of time if changes with your cleaning are needed.

Do I need to provide you with supplies?  No, we use our own supplies and equipment.  Our cleaning professionals are thoroughly trained in the use of our supplies to insure your house is left absolutely clean.  Please note that we cannot guarantee your cleaning if you request that we use your supplies.

Do you offer “green” cleaning products? Yes, we use Melaleuca natural cleaning products.  We also offer vegan cleaning products on request.

Do I need to “pick-up” before the cleaners arrive?  No, picking-up is included in our services.  Laundry and dishes are also included.  However, the less time the cleaners spend picking-up the more time the have to clean your house.